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Our leadership and culture resources are below. Take a look to learn more. 

KiwiRail's High Performance, High Engagement approach

CEO video case study: Watch how KiwiRail CEO Peter Reidy and his team and stakeholders describe how they build trust and changed mindsets in the organisations by adopting a ‘high-performance, high-engagement’ concept, which is built on the idea that you motivate people by empowering them to make improvements to their workplace.



Safety Leadership is what leaders say, do and measure

CEO video case study: In this video, former Chair of the Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum talks about what health and safety leadership means to him, and why he believes leaders need to maintain a sense of chronic unease. Watch here.

CEO Guide to Safety Leadership 

Framework: This guide outlines eight mindsets and practices CEOs can use to become better leaders of health and safety. It is based on a model of world-class health and safety leadership created for the Forum by Leading Safety.

Creating thriving workplaces

International video case study + resource: In late 2022 we interviewed more than 30 leaders across the Forum to understand how they were preparing for the future of work to create a thriving workplace. We've produced a report with mini case studies, as well as a video case study from Yarra Valley Water in Australia which implemented a flexible working approach to support their people.  

Leading through tragedy

CEO video case study: Former Downer CEO Cos Bruyn talks about his experience of leading his organisation after a workplace fatality, and what it taught him about leadership.

Building a just and proactive reporting culture 

CEO video case study: Former Airways CEO Ed Sims discusses how the organisation adopted a just culture approach to ensure employees who self-report unintended mistakes aren’t subject to criticism or penalties. This approach had a huge impact on reporting rates because employees knew they could file reports without fearing reprisals.  

CEO masterclass on trust 

International expert video: Watch a short video series from former master mariner Nippin Anand, who challenge leaders to think differently about their leadership work. Nippin has a master's degree in economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and Anthropology. After a near collision at sea, he took up a passion for investigating accidents and helping leaders understand the importance of perspective in human failures.