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Thriving workplaces - how Forum organisations are preparing for the future of work

This report brings together case studies and examples from 30 senior leaders across the Forum about the opportunities and challenges that flexible and new ways of working bring; as well as useful examples about how organisations are managing flexibility at work including for those employees who cannot work from home.

The report outlines five key principles organisations should be considering when exploring flexible working:

  • Ensure any approach is team-centric

  • Support your people leaders to lead well in a hybrid world

  • Ensure you have guardrails, or parameters in place

  • Move to outcome focused performance or KPIs

  • Remain curious and ask your people what they need.

Creating thriving workplaces How Forum organisations are preparing for the future of work PDF • 797 KB

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The Forum's Mental Wellbeing Effectiveness resource is clear: flexible working is one of the proven interventions organisations can make to improve mental wellbeing outcomes for their people. 

How Yarra Valley Water works now

Yarra Valley Water in Victoria, Australia share how they took the initiative to develop their hybrid working approach 'The way we work now' at the Forum's Summit in June 2022.