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Nippin Anand


Nippin Anand: A CEO masterclass in trust

Auckland, 2023

The Forum hosted former master mariner Nippin Anand for one day in August to challenge leaders to think differently about their leadership work. 

Nippin has a master's degree in economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and Anthropology and a desire for life-long learning in the wider disciplines of humanities, social psychology and philosophy. After a near collision at sea, he took up a passion for investigating accidents and helping leaders understand the importance of perspective in human failures.

In this short video series, we've unpacked some of the key themes from Nippin's time with Forum CEOs. We'll be releasing five short videos over the coming months.

NEW: Leaders who are humble and curious

In this final part of our video series, Nippin Anand briefly discusses the importance of leaders remaining curious and open in all conversations with their people.

1. Leaders who listen 

Nippin Anand interviewed the Captain of the Costa Concordia following the 2012 tragedy. In this short video from our Forum event with Nippin in 2023, and a follow-up interview, he outlines why listening and understanding must be key characteristics of all leaders. 

2. The words leaders use

In this short video, Nippin explains the exercise he asks Forum CEOs to do in his opening address, as well why it's important for leaders to understand the impact their words have on others - especially when something doesn't go to plan. 

3. What's the skill gradient in your organisation? 

In light of the Costa Concordia tragedgy Nippin Anand takes a look at the skill gradient that now exists in global shipping, and many other industries. How does this look in your industry? 


4. The problem with speaking up

In this new snippet from Nippin Anand, he asks why we can't reframe the question to people from 'why didn't you speak up?' following an accident, and instead ask: 'what would you like to share?'