rob jager
Former Chair

Rob Jager

Shell Companies in NZ

Former Forum Chair Rob Jager talks about what health and safety leadership means to him, and why he believes leaders need to maintain a sense of ‘chronic unease’.  

Safety leadership is what leaders say, do, and measure

Rob says his experience at Shell taught him that leadership plays a critical role in promoting workplace health and safety.

CEOs and directors set the conditions and expectations in their businesses. They shape the culture. If they want their organisations to be safe, they’ve got to demonstrate that safety is the priority.

Rob says safety leadership is not that different from any other kind of leadership. It is about setting the example, clarifying expectations, monitoring performance, and holding everyone to account.

It can be summarised by what leaders say, do and measure.


Watch: What is Safety Leadership (2015)

What is Safety Leadership (2015) PDF • 921 KB

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“The only way you can credibly demonstrate a passion for safety is by getting personally involved.”