Publishes an annual State of a Thriving Nation report

Has commissioned a Health and Safety Systems Taskforce

Reports on the Health and Safety peformance of members.

Health and Safety Systems Taskforce

Report to Government: The Forum has pulled together a small independent Taskforce to lead an enquiry into New Zealand's sluggish and uncoordinated health and safety performance, and the absence of any accountable national plan of action for the government's Health and Safety at Work Strategy 2018-28. 


State of a Thriving Nation

An annual report: First published in August 2023, looks at Aotearoa New Zealand's health and safety performance across government, business and industry to establish trends and understand where we need to improve. 


Member Benchmarking Health and Safety performance

Benchmarking reports: While the Forum has paused its Benchmarking Project, we will be reporting on qualitative data from our annual CEO survey. You can find Benchmarking reports from 2017-2022 on this page.