This guide helps CEOs and organisations design ‘good work’ that protects workers from risks to mental wellbeing that arise in the workplace.

Mental wellbeing is a matter of design, not luck

This guide explains why protecting the mental wellbeing of workers is the leader’s work. It identifies work-related factors that can harm, or protect, mental wellbeing at work. It supports organisations to protect workers by increasing ‘good work’ and reducing ‘toxic work’.

The guide explains why protecting mental wellbeing is the leaders work. It includes a framework that outlines how various work-related factors affect mental wellbeing. It also includes a workbook that outlines a process organisations can use with their people to identify specific factors affecting mental wellbeing, and how work could be redesigned to reduce harm and enhance wellbeing.  

The workbook just contains the process.

In addition, you can download a short paper by the author of the guide, Dr Hillary Bennett of Leading Safety, that explains why mental wellbeing is a 'wicked challenge' for leaders. 

Protecting Mental Wellbeing at Work July 2021 PDF • 941 KB
Protect Mental Wellbeing Process Workbook to use PDF • 131 KB
Psychosocial Risks A Wicked Challenge PDF • 362 KB
"Mental wellbeing is not a matter of luck but a matter of design. It requires a deliberate effort to control psychosocial risks and build in the protective factors associated with ‘good work’." - Dr Hillary Bennett, Director, Leading Safety