These resources will help organisations assess how well noise is managed in their workplaces, and support them to make improvements.

Resources include case studies on managing noise.

Noise can quickly and permanently damage hearing. It also can have other serious health effects - like increasing the risk of fatigue, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Why Does Noise Matter? explains the impact noise can have hearing and general health.

Monitoring What Matters – Health and Noise helps leaders assess how well noise-related risks are managed in their businesses. It helps them identify what they do well, and any gaps or blindspots. This self-assessment is adapted from the Forum’s Monitoring What Matters guide.

What’s Your Noise Problem includes strategies Forum businesses are using to reduce their noise problems. Includes a noise ‘bow-tie’.

Why does noise matter (2018) PDF • 77 KB
MWM Health and Noise (2018) PDF • 441 KB
Whats your noise problem (2018) PDF • 1 MB
KiwiRail Noise (2018) PDF • 550 KB
Z Energy Noise PDF • 826 KB
“Exposure to noise is a known cause of one third of hearing losss.”