The cannabis legalisation referendum was a reminder of the need to manage the ongoing risk of impairment caused by drugs and alcohol.

Impairment is a significant workplace risk.

All businesses need to ensure they have a fit for purpose approach to managing impairment risks at work – from cannabis, as well as other drugs and fatigue. Use the resources below to help you do that.

These include a 2-part webinar and two podcasts with the Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction, focusing on the Canadian experience of legalising cannabis. They also include a reflective guide on what organisations should consider when assessing the sufficiency of their approach to managing the risk of impairment at work.

Cannabis Reflective Guide (2020) PDF • 258 KB

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“Cannabis is an impairment risk – regardless of its legal status.”

Watch: Lessons from Canada with the CCSA (part one)

Watch: Lessons from Canada with the CCSA (part two)