How to identify the critical health and safety indicators needed to understand performance in your business.

A guide to monitoring key health and safety indicators

Maintaining effective oversight of health and safety can be challenging for CEOs. It can be hard to get the information you need – or to even know what you need. This guide will help CEOs assess and improve their monitoring of health and safety.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ set of indicators that will measure performance in all businesses. But there are ‘drivers of performance’ common to all businesses. Health and safety in any business is determined by:

  • Risk: The state of its risk control
  • Relationships: The quality of its relationships with employees and contractors
  • Resourcing: The sufficiency of the resources applied to health and safety (people, plant and processes).

This guide will help you find the ‘best fit’ lead and lag indicators to measure performance in these three key areas.

Monitoring What Matters (2019) PDF • 964 KB

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“This guide will help CEOs and directors meet their legal duties as officers and PCBUs.”