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Mental wellbeing by design at Frucor Suntory

In 2021 Frucor Suntory started a trial to use the Forum's Mental Wellbeing by Design process in its Protecting Mental Wellbeing at Work Guide

"The process appealed as it provided a framework to really look at the ways in which work itself was impacting on our teams mental health; allowing us to look at what was protecting mental health of our people and what aspects may have been negatively impacting on mental wellbeing." Louise Trevella, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist.

Frucor Suntory brought together their NZ Commercial Health and Safety Representatives for a day to work through the process. Watch the short video below to see how some of them found it.

So, what have they learnt?

Frucor Suntory learnt through the process that relationships, flexibilty and autonomy are really important to their team. Some of the areas they're going to focus on to support their people's mental health and wellbeing at work include:

  • Escalation to leaders if team members feel intiminated by customers, including resources to provide their people with tools to use, and have confidence in addressing issues with customers
  • Development of a clearer wellbeing policy
  • Promotion of the fatigue policy and fatigue prevention guidelines
  • Escalation of issues with delivery routes