Covid-19 has required organisations change the way they do business, manage their teams and work with suppliers. The Forum has captured and shared some leadership lessons from this experience.

Lessons from our leaders during Covid-19 – video series 

We asked Forum leaders about their leadership journey during Covid-19. Watch the videos to see their responses.

Watch: What do you know now that you wish you knew before Covid-19? (2020)

Watch: One thing you’ve learnt leading through this crisis (2020)

Watch: What’s the leadership work in creating a "better" normal? (2020)

Health and safety leadership in a Covid-19 environment - guidance

Pulled together from discussions with more than 75 CEOs and Directors during April, May and June 2020, these resources are designed to support leaders in uncertain and extraordinary times.

CEO leadership Covid-19 (2020) PDF • 596 KB
CEO leadership Covid19 challenging times (2020) PDF • 596 KB
CEO approaches Covid-19 Level 4 (2020) PDF • 193 KB
Governance during a crisis (2020) PDF • 147 KB
Working with supply chain partners in a crisis PDF • 92 KB
“During lockdown we saw a big reduction in road traffic and emissions which is partly tied to the view of a 9am-5pm workday which we now know is just not needed, so how do we build this into our strategy for a broader commitment to NZ Inc?”