New: Leading through crisis video series

In November 2023 we brought together eight experienced crisis leaders and CEOs to hear their advice and lessons for all leaders to consider ahead of a crisis. Over the next few months we'll bring you the six-part short video series.

New: When a crisis can become an opportunity


Stories from the trenches (part two)

Stories from the trenches (part one)

Leaders looking after themselves and others during a crisis

How leaders should prepare for a crisis



The importance of decision-making during a crisis


Number one lessons from experienced crisis leaders. 


Leading through a disaster or crisis - lessons from previous events

Secretary-General of the NZ Red Cross, Sarah (Norm) Stuart-Black, outlines what organisations can do to prepare for a major disaster or crisis. Take a look at this short video clip from our webinar on 'Leading through uncertainty' in March 2023. 

Communication is key to how leaders respond. Norm also explains how she approached a large group of angry, affected people in the aftermath of a roading closure following severe flooding. 

  • Hummingly: First 8 Cards for Calamity. The eight essential messages to help in the weeks after a disaster to help guide your leadership and communciations. 
  • Forum: Lessons from the pandemic. Research commissioned by the Forum in 2020 to identify what lessons could be learned to help us deal with any future crisis; be it another pandemic, natural disaster or other extreme event.

How leaders can provide 'predictability' for their people and those affected by disaster and crisis. Watch Dr Sarb Johal explain more in this clip from a March 2023 webinar on 'Leading through uncertainty'.

Two key lessons for leaders in the first weeks following a disaster - two-minute video from Hummingly 


Directly related to Cyclone Gabrielle and the Auckland floods - January/February 2023