Take a look at why the Forum has established a Health and Safety Systems Taskforce.

Health and Safety Systems Taskforce

Following the Forum’s State of a Thriving Nation report, the Forum Board and Steering Group requested further investigation into major system, business and government challenges identified in the report that continue to hold New Zealand’s health and safety performance back.

As a result, in late 2023 we pulled together a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Systems Taskforce to lead that enquiry into New Zealand’s sluggish and uncoordinated health and safety performance, and the absence of any accountable national plan of action for the government’s Health and Safety at Work Strategy 2018-28.

This small Taskforce is led by Forum Director Toby Beaglehole, supported by NorthPower CEO Andrew McLeod, CEO of GNS Chelydra Percy, former Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts, Department of Corrections CEO Jeremy Lightfoot, Stacey Shortall from Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, and Chair of Leaderbrand and associated entities Susan Huria.

As part of the work for the Taskforce the Forum will be presenting a laser-focused report to government making recommendations on where the effort best needs to be spent, in order to deliver much needed progress.