jules fulton
Executive Manager Corporate Services

Jules Fulton

Fulton Hogan

After a long period where injury rates were declining, Fulton Hogan suffered five fatalities over two years. This rocked the company to its core.

Recalibrating the Approach to Risk

The fatalities led the company to take a new approach to health and safety that focused on controlling critical risks. Analysis of injury data told the company it had five key critical risks:

1. Electricity and energy 2. Falls 3. Traffic 4. Moving plant 5. Bitumen. So it focused on improving controls on these key risks, setting up working groups involving people at all levels of the business.

This led to the creation of ‘Golden Rules’ that aimed to focus attention on critical risk controls.

Watch: Managing Critical Risks (2013)

Managing Critical Risks (2013) PDF • 458 KB
“The last two years has shown me that safety is like eternity – it never ends. The moment you start getting complacent, trouble will arise.”