Donna HicksP
International conflict resolution and dignity expert

Dr Donna Hicks


Dr Donna Hicks, an international expert in conflict resolution based at Harvard University, argues that the concept of 'dignity' is key to resolving conflict, and protecting wellbeing at work. 

The link between dignity and wellbeing at work

Donna challenges traditional thinking about wellbeing at work, including arguing that protecting the dignity of people is essential to their wellbeing. She outlined her thinking at events for Forum members in August and September 2020. 

We've distilled Donna's 50-minute presentation into three short (3-4 minute) videos as a resource for leaders, their teams and Boards, focusing on: 

  • The definition of dignity and how it is intrinsically linked to wellbeing
  • How our biological reaction to a dignity violation is the same as a physical accident 
  • The 10 elements of dignity - and how they apply in the workplace.

Why dignity and wellbeing are essential partners

The evidence for why dignity matters in the workplace

What dignity looks like in the workplace

"The 10 elements of dignity may be common sense, but they're not common knowledge."
- Dr Donna Hicks