Todd Conklin
US Human Performance Expert

Dr Todd Conklin

In these videos, US H&S expert Dr Todd Conklin outlines five leadership strategies that will help CEOs ‘bounce forward’ from Covid-19.

Adapting to a ‘VUCA’ environment

Dr Conklin says Covid-19 has created an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

To response to a VUCA environment, leaders need to develop capacity within their organisations that enables them to be able to withstand and respond to rapid and unpredictable change.

In this webinar, and the summary version, he outlines five strategies that can help leaders do that.


Watch: Bouncing Forward from Covid-19 - Highlights from Webinar (2020)

Webinar: Bouncing Forward from Covid-19 (2020)

“Resilience is not the absence of uncertainty. Resilience is the presence of capacity to manage that uncertainty.”