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Mental wellbeing at work: series with leading international and NZ experts

Webinar series: May - November 2024

We know mental wellbeing at work and the range of challenges it brings is on many of your minds, and it is often seen as all-encompassing or overwhelming for leaders.

Many organisations continue to focus on supporting their people without considering how the work environment may be affecting them. If we think about the workplace as an aquarium, and the workers as fish – we’re still seeing too many organisations scooping out sick fish, and simply putting new fish back into the same aquarium.

Combined with the planned release of WorkSafe NZ’s new guidance on mentally healthy work: good practice guidelines for managing psychosocial risks at work later in 2024 – the Forum is bringing you a six-part virtual series this year to support you, and your teams with this work.

Since 2018 the Forum has worked to reshape the conversation about mental wellbeing at work from one solely focusing on the mental wellbeing of the worker to one also looking at mentally healthy work and its design, with a number of resources for senior leaders and their teams.

Open to CEOs, Boards of Directors, Executive Leaders and all people leaders in your organisation

This year, this series of 60-minute webinars with a range of leading New Zealand and Australian specialists in the field will support you, your leadership teams, your Board and your people to understand:

  • what mental wellbeing at work actually is
  • your responsibilities for your people in this area, and 
  • the opportunities a mentally healthy workplace can present.

First webinar: 1 May 2024 (1.30-2.30pm)

Mental wellbeing risk management in Australia and NZ - with Jason van Schie from FlourishDx

FlourishDx are psychological health and safety experts based in Australia. They will discuss how they support organisations to manage psychosocial risks (work-related risks to employee mental wellbeing). The discussion will include insights into how organisations are responding to new regulations introduced by health and safety regulators requiring them to elevate the way they manage psychological health and safety to the same standard as physical health and safety. RSVP for this webinar here.

Second webinar: 30 May 2024 (11.30am-12.30pm)

Protecting mental wellbeing - with Dr Hillary Bennett from Leading Safety

Dr Hillary Bennett is one of New Zealand’s leading mental wellbeing at work specialists. She has worked alongside the Forum to develop the CEO Guide to Mental Wellbeing at Work and the Protecting Mental Wellbeing at Work Guide as well as other resources for senior leaders. During the webinar, Hillary will introduce you to both guides, and share lessons from the many organisations she’s worked alongside to support their mental wellbeing work. RSVP for this webinar here.

Third webinar: 26 June 2024 (1.30-2.30pm)

The science of mental and physical health and insights from leading Australian companies – with Dr Graeme Wright

Graeme and his team at Optimum Health and Management Services, based out of Western Australia, will discuss the science behind mental and physical health, and the data they’ve collected through their risk management platforms which are leading to better mitigation of mental health, health and safety risks. RSVP for this webinar here. 

Three further webinars will be announced in June, for August – November 2024.

We look forward to seeing many of you, and your wider teams online for this series which promises to provide you with new insights and practical tips to support your people.

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