Simon Mackenzie

Simon McKenzie


Simon talks about how the company dealt with the public pressure to “get the lights back on” after quickly a storm, when doing could have put contractors at risk.

Protecting contractors from unsafe expectations

Vector wanted to make sure that its contractors didn’t feel pressured by public and media expectations to work in dangerous conditions caused by floods or storms.

The company believed it had a shared responsibility for the health and safety of its contractors and supported them in practical areas like PPE, training, and health and safety systems. But it was aware that intangible factors could influence safety – like media and social media comments during or following outages.

So, it came up with strategies to protect its contractors from public pressure to work when it wasn’t safe. 


Watch: Tackling Pressures Undermining Safety (2015)

Tackling Pressures Undermining Safety (2015) PDF • 1 MB

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“My role… was to take a moral position that we weren’t going to have our contractors working in unsafe conditions.”