Mike Bennetts

Mike Bennetts

Z Energy

Z Energy needed to bring clarity to the way it works with supply chain partners to manage operational risks. It also wanted to make sure it set the right expectations.

Understanding and managing supply chain risk

The company wanted to make sure it wasn’t over-reaching or under-reaching in its dealings with suppliers when it came to managing health and safety risks.

It also wanted to align its approach with the ‘over-lapping PCBU duties’ in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The innovative approach Z came up with to get to grips with its PCBU relationships helped the company reduce legal and operational risks, improve contractor relationships and ensure better use of resources.

This case study outlines what Z did and why.


Watch: Working with PCBUs (2016)

Working with PCBUs (2016) PDF • 1.3 MB
"For me as a CEO, having clarity about who’s managing what risks in our supply
chain is really important."