Philip Voss

Dr Philip Voss

Leading Safety

Engaging in high-quality health and safety conversations is critical for CEOs to increase sensitivity to the ‘weak signals’ of potential failure.

This guide provides information on how to have a good H&S conversation.

Talking to workers and contractors about health and safety is a way for CEOs to identify variations between ‘work as imagined’ and ‘work as done’.

Understanding this variation is important because it is both the reason why everyday work gets done (despite unexpected conditions) and the reason why things sometimes go wrong.

This guide from Dr Philip Voss of Leading Safety includes tips on how CEOs can have a health and safety conversation that has impact. This includes what to do before, during and after the conversation.

CEO HS conversations (2015) PDF • 1 MB

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“The only way to understand work-as-done is to talk with those who do the work.”