steve carden

Steve Carden


In October 2015 Landcorp/Pāmu experienced its third workplace fatality in six months. Not surprisingly, its CEO Steve Carden was desperate to prevent more harm.   

Focus on critical risks

The company realised it needed to change entrenched attitudes towards health and safety that were making its business unsafe.

This was no small challenge. But with the help of an Australian consultancy firm it came up with a six-part plan to bring about change.

This plan included a greater focus on controlling critical risks, involving the workforce in coming up with solutions and changing management attitudes so that health and safety was seen as a core part of how the company does business.


Watch: Changing a Proud Culture (2017)

Changing a Proud Culture (2017) PDF • 1.8 MB
“I realised my role as CEO was to maintain a sense of vulnerability around health and safety.”