Surviving the Pandemic: What helped. What hindered

And how the learnings from Covid-19 help us prepare for future serious disruptions.

As New Zealand marks a year since the first Covid-19 lockdown, I would like to share with you findings from research the Forum commissioned into how New Zealand businesses navigated this global pandemic. 

Covid-19 posed huge challenges for businesses, and collectively we learnt a lot from dealing with the significant health, economic and social disruption it created. However, this is unlikely to be the last, and may not be the biggest, challenge New Zealand business leaders will face in future. 

With that in mind, the Forum commissioned research to better understand, from a CEO perspective, what factors helped and hindered organisational responses to the pandemic. The research aimed to capture legacy learnings that could help us deal with any future crisis – be it another pandemic, natural disaster or other extreme event.

Our executive summary of the research findings includes some reflective questions to help leaders and their boards/executive teams consider how they have embedded the lessons learnt during Covid-19, and how well prepared they are for future serious disruptions. 

You can read the research here.

We will be hosting a series of events for CEOs and health and safety leads over the coming months to discuss the implications of these lessons. We will be in touch with details of those events.