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Be Well to Lead Well - reclaim your wellbeing

A two-part course for CEOs and senior executives

As a Forum of 400 CEOs, we understand that enabling wellbeing and fostering psychological safety are becoming a core leadership capability for CEOs and executives, underpinning both their own and their organisations’ performance.

The Forum's programme, Be Well to Lead Well, expands the resources associated with its world-leading CEO Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work framework.

Be Well applies the framework’s “reclaim” lens to your role as CEO and an executive leader, in order to help you restore balance to your life and enhance your wellbeing. What’s true for air travel – make sure to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others – is also true for wellbeing: In order to meet your obligation to prevent harm and protect wellbeing at work, you first need to safeguard your own wellbeing.

Lead Well applies the "protect" and "foster" lenses to develop the mindset and practices required of executives to personally foster psychological safety as well as to explore the organisational practices necessary to support psychological safety.

Be Well to Lead Well is led by Leading Safety - the Forum's trusted partner in the health and safety leadership space, and is a programme in two parts:

Be Well:
  • Access the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey to reflect on how your wellbeing is being affected by aspects of your professional and personal lives. The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete online and is confidential.

  • Receive two one-on-one coaching sessions with Leading Safety to work through your survey report and identify actions to help enhance and sustain your wellbeing.

Lead Well:
  • Come together with Forum peers to share ideas and experiences on how to lead wellbeing and fostering psychological safety and to share ideas and experiences on how to do so in your organisations.

  • This half-day hui will be facilitated by Leading Safety.

This course is also open to GMs and second-tier executive leaders.

The cost of the course is $1500 plus GST per leader. The Forum funds the Lead Well part for all Forum CEOs and senior executives, and the $1500 plus GST (the Be Well component) is invoiced directly to participants by Leading Safety.

How to get started

There are several options available to you:

  • Participants can register below to complete the full Be Well to Lead Well course, selecting the next available date for the half-day Lead Well hui. Your registration will also be sent to Leading Safety, to start the Be Well component. 

  • If a leader just wishes to participate in the Be Well component only, they can contact keri.woods@leadingsafety.co.nz to register.

  • Some organisations may wish to run the Lead Well component in-house, as an executive leadership team. For this option, please contact keri.woods@leadingsafety.co.nz