Redesigning work at Frucor Suntory

Frucor Suntory was one of three ‘early adopter’ organisations, who sought to redesign an aspect of their work in order to improve mental wellbeing amongst staff. Frucor Suntory worked with Renee Jaine from Thrive Lab on this project, part of the Forum’s Redesigning work: A user guide to shift from surviving to thriving. 

After working through the Forum's Mental Wellbeing by Design process with their Commercial Health and Safety Committe, they team discovered 'customer relationships' was the lowest-scoring section with some concerning themes, "from extreme rudeness, threatening behaviour at times, and employees made to feel very vulnerable at times with their interactions."

Take a look at the redesigning process the team used, and the outcomes they achieved. 


Redesigning work case study Frucor Suntory PDF • 662 KB