This page outlines the Forum's resources to support organisations with Mental Wellbeing at Work.

CEO Guide to Mental Wellbeing at Work

The Forum and Leading Safety have developed a four-part framework for mental wellbeing at work; to support CEOs and organisations to make sense of their role in managing mental health and wellbeing at work. The key lesson from the guide is that to unlock a workforce’s true potential, a mental health and wellbeing strategy should aim to both protect workers from harm, and include activities to foster and support wellbeing. Learn more here. 

Protecting mental wellbeing at work

This guide hones in on one of the four parts of the CEO Guide to Mental Wellbeing at Work; Protect; and helps CEOs and organisations design ‘good work’ that protects workers from risks to mental wellbeing that arise in the workplace. It includes a diagnostic process organisations can use to understand what their mental wellbeing risks are in the workplace. Learn more, and see how other organisations are using this process here.

Measuring mental wellbeing at work

This guide helps CEOs, senior managers and health and safety managers to understand how mental wellbeing activity in their organisations can be assessed and monitored to improve mental wellbeing outcomes for people. Download the resource here. 

Effectiveness of wellbeing interventions

Not all wellbeing interventions are equal - this digital-only resource focuses on emerging research from New Zealand and overseas, to support organisations to understand the effectiveness of interventions. As of July 2022 - read more here. 

Psychological safety 

It is commonly agreed that a workplace where people are protected from harm and able to thrive is characterised by a high level of psychological safety. What psychological safety actually means and what it takes for leaders to create psychological safety in their workplaces is less clear. Read our Leading psychological safety factsheet and watch our webinar on this topic here.