Support for leaders managing a disaster or crisis

This webpage brings together useful and supportive guidance and tips for senior leaders who are managing a disaster or crisis; from a range of industry groups. 

"Two key lessons for leaders in the first weeks following a disaster" - 2-minute video from Hummingly 


Directly related to Cyclone Gabrielle and the Auckland floods - January/February 2023
Leading through a disaster or crisis - lessons from previous events


  • NZ Red Cross: Leading in disaster recovery: a companion through the chaos. Described as a 'pocket book' of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders around the world who share messages they wish they'd had. 
  • Hummingly: First 8 Cards for Calamity. The eight essential messages to help in the weeks after a disaster to help guide your leadership and communciations. 
  • Forum: Lessons from the pandemic. Research commissioned by the Forum in 2020 to identify what lessons could be learned to help us deal with any future crisis; be it another pandemic, natural disaster or other extreme event..