Leadership Statement - mandating our strongest control to protect health and wellbeing

This Leadership Statement seeks to support businesses to understand how they can go down the path of requiring compulsory vaccinations - by taking a strong leadership position with the health of the workforce at the centre. 

Forum Leadership statement Vaccinations 26 Oct DOCX • 59 KB

Vaccination Policy Builder

We have created the policy builder (below) to assist our members in developing a Vaccination Policy.  It has been generated by utilising the contribution of our members to date.  We see it as a “work in progress”, and we would be keen to keep adding to the builder as members send us their policies. 

Please note that any contributions will be anonymised to maintain confidentiality, but we are eager to leverage members’ experiences in this ever-changing area. 

We also note from the recent Covid-19 survey that 44% of the CEO respondents were looking to create a Vaccination Policy, so this tool and our guide below are seen as valuable tools to help you.

We are keen to hear more

If you have a policy or other tools you are keen to share, please send them to, and we will adapt them to suit our members.  If you have other ideas, you would like to contribute; please make contact.  We think this is an issue businesses should collaborate on and are keen to take a leadership position with Covid-19.

Disclaimer.  This policy builder does not constitute legal advice.  It is seen as solely guidance alone.

Business Leaders HS Forum Vaccination Policy Builder 2021 XLSX • 25 KB

Support to create, or update a Covid vaccination policy

Forum members have been asking questions about the need for a Covid-19 vaccination policy. While some organisations have already rolled out such a policy, others are just starting to think about it, or have not started. 

To support you, we've pulled together a short guidance note, based on the experiences of members to date, as well as international research. This aims to support you to think about some of the issues and opportunities to consider when creating a vaccination policy, or guidelines for your organisation. 

Many thanks to those organisations who have shared their policies or guidance with us to date. 

Guidance on creating a Vaccination Policy 14 September PDF • 198 KB