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Making sense of mental wellbeing in manufacturing

Three workshops; Christchurch (17 Feb), Hamilton (13 March), South Auckland (14 March)

Come along to this sense-making workshop to hear from New Zealand’s award winning and leading expert on work-related mental wellbeing, Dr Hillary Bennett, from Leading Safety. This invite-only workshop is a practical, applied and manufacturing specific opportunity to unpack:

* What mental wellbeing really is
* What that means for businesses and their leaders
* The benefits of improving mental well-being for your workers and your business performance (as well as the consequences of not)

We will also cover practical steps to support you to improve the mental wellbeing of your people – whether starting or continuing your current journey.

For manufacturing business leaders

This workshop is for manufacturing business leaders who are up for the challenge of sustainably improving the mental well-being of their people; and is the first step of a new project designed especially for manufacturing businesses. This project is a chance to grow the confidence and capability of manufacturing businesses to lift the mental well-being of their people.

Whilst this multi-year project is being led by the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, with the support of the Mental Health Foundation and funding from ACC, it will only grow and deliver value with the input and ownership of manufacturing business leaders.

Come along with your operational executives to learn about mentally healthier work, connect with fellow manufacturing peers and learn about the opportunities for your business to be part of this new project.

RSVP to one of the three workshops in Christchurch, Hamilton and South Auckland below. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with calendar invite attached.

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