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Leading psychological safety: obligations and opportunities


It is commonly agreed that a workplace where people are protected from harm and able to thrive is characterised by a high level of psychological safety. We are also increasingly hearing about the importance of psychological safety as a proven intervention to improve the mental wellbeing outcomes for workers.

What psychological safety actually means and what it takes for leaders to create psychological safety in their workplaces is less clear. We know many Forum members are struggling with this very issue right now.

Webinar with Dr Hillary Bennett

Join organisational psychologist Dr Hillary Bennett from Leading Safety, in this one-hour webinar to learn more about how to create a culture where people feel accepted, able to ask questions and learn, to contribute their ideas, and to challenge and raise concerns.
This session will be an opportunity to understand the work of senior leaders in fostering, or designing for, psychological safety; as well as practical ideas on how to work towards this in your organisation.
You will have a chance to ask questions of Dr Bennett, as well as learn more about the Forum’s support for CEOs and GMs around leading wellbeing in their organisations.

Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email with calendar invite and Zoom link attached.

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