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Keeping your people safe and well in an uncertain 2023 - CEO Connection Calls

Six calls fully booked; new dates added (16 February at 1.30pm / 17 February at 11.30am)

We know that 2023 will bring a range of significant challenges for business, and in turn you as leaders and your people. There will undoubtedly be pressure on executive leadership teams as a result of political and economic challenges. We will be starting 2023 already carrying the impacts of three years of a global pandemic. In fact our Forum survey last month found the three main business challenges members were facing were:

• staff shortages
• increasing costs of doing business, and
• managing staff wellbeing.

Deliberately thinking about health, safety and wellbeing in a tougher environment

I was, therefore, encouraged to see 93% of Forum members who took part in the survey agree that health and safety is an ongoing focus for me and my organisation. What is crucially important, however, is understanding and being deliberate about how we translate that intention into credible and sustained action - in the face of an ever-growing number of competing (and sometimes conflicting) demands.

Join us for a one-hour virtual CEO Connection call in early February to connect with other leaders across the motu; and to share and understand how you and your peers intend to keep safety, health and wellbeing of your people front and centre, and keep your critical risk controls working well, despite the uncertain environment.

RSVP for one of the calls below – each call is limited to 10 CEOs. 

Original calls already fully booked; new dates added: 16 February at 1.30pm and 17 February at 11.30am

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a calendar invite and a Zoom link attached.

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